Vehicle Wraps

Looking for Effective Solutions to Advertising Your Business? You’re at the Right Place!

A study conducted by Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. found that turning vehicles into mobile billboards resulted in a 107% increase in sales versus a 54% increase for static billboards. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America states that around 62% of a consumer’s time is spent on the road getting places. The average cost of premium billboard advertising in Florida can vary anywhere from $1,500 - $30,000 a month! Not only is it expensive, it attends to a limited amount of people as well. If you’re thinking about promoting your products or services without breaking the bank and ensuring maximum traction, consider this – A VEHICLE WRAP.

Yes, you read it correct. Vehicle wraps are an affordable, one-time purchase that can prove to be a simple and cost-effective advertising technique in the long run. Wondering how? Take into consideration the following points:-


Why limit yourself to a singular, stationary position when you could advertise wherever you go, whenever you go? A celebrated yet cheaper solution, make every typical traffic jam an opportunity for you to promote your business! Whether you’re driving a car, a truck, or even a bus – a vehicle wrap can only benefit you in the long run, helping you keep your business on its toes and its image on the people’s minds. An image that changes notions towards conventional mediums of advertising, helps maximize your footprint in the marketplace, while nonetheless ensuring a potential client being impressed all along the process.


Often when a business is in its initial states, there is hardly a full-fledged, systematic overhead for promotional advertisement. The method of advertisement and promotion through vehicle wraps can be especially rewarding to those who are business owners – giving them the freedom to personally customize vehicle graphics to fit any body or style they desire, and enabling full control over their branding, reputation and perception without spending an unreasonably huge amount of money.

Even if you’re not promoting a business of any sort and you just have a knack for an artistic touch, a vehicle wrap is a great way to express your own unique bold vision and style and promote yourself through your personal vehicle. It’s fair to say that from every angle, investing in a vehicle wrap is a great alternative to help you compete in this race of advertising and promotion and make you stand out amongst the rest.

An industrial expert and a popular name in the vinyl graphics industry since 2000, the ability to successfully offer effective advertising agency, quality designs, high quality printing and expert installations completely in-house has set All2Gether Signs & Wraps apart from the others. Found amongst the top tier wrapping auto services, custom and luxury vehicle wraps in Florida, we take pride over 10 years of experience in making our customers happy!



The essence of trailer wraps is the simple fact that they happen to be an excellent canvas for advertising solutions that can last for years on end. When designed well, trailer wraps can bring in more business without it drilling a massive hole in your wallet. Unlike other promotional tools, trailer wraps come with a guaranteed high impact outdoor advertising rate that is both long-lasting and cost-effective. Watch your trailer be transformed into a mobile work of art and reach audiences of all types by travelling around and marketing to consumers who might not necessarily be exposed to mediums of newspaper and television. MAXIMUM impact at a MINIMUM cost.

Breathe new life into your trailer! Whether it’s for a fleet of trailers or a just a one-off trailer project, All2gether Signs & Wraps can help you create attractive, head-turning trailer wraps. The unique selling point of trailer wraps is the fact that they make up for an excellent alternative to traditional advertising and are a unique solution for maximizing exposure, consumer engagement and overall profitability. What’s better than that, especially one that can last for years without costing you a lot of money! One of the greatest benefits to using a vinyl wrap over painting for trailer wraps is the fact that it is comparatively inexpensive compared to the paint alternative. It helps save both time and energy and protects your vehicle against paint chips and scratches.


Truck wraps offer business owners a smart and effective solution to help boost brand awareness, especially for small businesses looking to expand their client base. We at All2gether Signs & Wraps understand how crucial a role your truck plays for the smooth and daily operation of any business. What might interest you is the fact that on an average, truck wraps have the lowest cost per thousand impressions, or CPM. We provide you with the opportunity to advertise your company to a larger audience without spending a lot of money and creating vibrant, full-color wraps for your trucks! To think of it this way…with the benefit of large, flat surfaces, trucks truly can be made into moving billboards!


Consider the following facts… According to the American Trucking Association, a cleverly designed van operating in a city has the power to generate up to 16 million views each year! Imagine what a $5000 van wrap could do for you. Not only will you get up to 16 million views a year but you will also receive a thousand impressions for a little more than a quarter of a dollar. Let’s say you keep the wrap on for the next five years, and it finally reaches its saturation point. Worry not! For when you visit us at All2gether Signs & Wraps again, we make sure that your brand gets recognized, again. Van wraps reach a larger audience. They are sure to attract the attention of more than 15,000 consumers every day. Not only do the bright and attractive colored wraps grab immediate attention, but unlike other forms of advertisement that might interrupt or disrupt a person's activities, van wraps rather attract traction in very subtle manners. Van graphics also target local consumers more effectively. One can find this kind of advertisement abundantly present in their daily local market, outside their mall or even around their house.


Want to give your car a color transformation? Perhaps add some catchy vehicle graphics or branding to your personal carriage, or make sure your paintwork doesn't get chipped or scratched with time? At All2gether Signs & Wraps, we help you get your vehicle customized using multiple innovative car and SUV wraps and protection products to choose from that meet only the highest standards – making us one of the best car wrapping services in Margate, Florida. Whether you're concerned about excessive heat affecting the exterior of your car/SUV, increased privacy, UV protection, a faded interior, glare or security, we have a solution to all of those requirements. Choose from a wide range of colors for your vehicle, create a customizable vinyl wrap with a variety of textures and finishes for your carriage or make your business stand out by printing your own custom logo and design on our print film wrap. Don’t forget to protect your vehicle’s paintwork using our paint protection film to help shield your car against road debris, weathering and other wear and tear – making your car look perfect and new for years on end!

Vehicle wraps come in many different styles such as spot graphics, partial wraps or even full coverage wraps. One could either choose from vinyl lettering to showcase their contact information and logo or go all out with a promotional image of their product on full display. There are different styles, sizes and textures of vehicle wraps made available and accessible when you come to us. Trust us to help you decide which wrap style suits your business the best and which vehicle wrap will help boost your business to its glory. With our quick turn-around times, durable and breathable materials and industry-leading installation technicians, we at All2gether Signs & Wraps are guaranteed to give you the best vehicle wraps in Florida with long-lasting and smart investments on promotions and give the best of advertising solutions for you and your business.