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Window Tinting for Cars in Florida: The Best Protection against the Heat

 AP3 is a Florida-based window tinting company that specializes in automotive window tinting. With our team of certified professionals and over a decade of industry expertise, we are the exclusive Xpel Automotive Window Tint Service Providers.

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The expert and certified professionals at AP3 can bring you the best in tinting — all while saving you tons of money and time. From window tint to paint protection films, our specialists can help on expansion projects or one-day jobs. 

Our team has over a decade of industry experience and come equipped with the latest Nano-Ceramic Automotive Window Film and other industry-leading products to give your car windows the absolute best glare shielding. We are exclusive XPEL Protective Film and Ceramic Coating Installation Destination, a certified coating distributor and installer as CeramicPro Alpharetta! We offer window brighteners for power outages and decorative films for an artistic new look.

Our Products- Bringing what you dream for 

AP3 guarantees the transformation with the pro-grade services. Our Car Window Tinting Services in Florida is virtually unnoticeable and functions as transparent protection against daily road debris that can chip, crack, damage, or ruin the painted surfaces of your car.

Prime CS

XPEL PRIME CS car window tint provides so much more than providing the glass with a sleek, unique appearance. The advantages are simply remarkable. To combat the sun's negative effects, we develop a number of technologies, searing hot surfaces, eye-irritating glare, and damaging UV radiation exposure.

For the sake of privacy and protection, it is the best. With the 99% UV rays blockage and 48% heat reduction properties, the XPEL Prime CS is the go-to choice for the natives. It delivers Color-Stable, glare-blocking performance for a lifetime. Unlike many other protective films, XPEL PRIME CS will never fade, tear, peel, or become pale. Its neutral charcoal finish complements any vehicle, and it comes with a lifetime transferable guarantee.

Prime XR

The XPEL PRIME XR high-performance auto tint from AP3 offers the best in terms of aesthetics, comfort, and security. The custom-made automotive tint is rigorously tested to ensure that it delivers on its promise of a better driving experience. We put our experience behind the development of Prime XR film and automotive tint, so you can be confident to get the look and performance you expect.

It provides all of the heat and UV protection benefits of window tint without the very dark appearance that can make it difficult to see out of the car—and in some cases, get you a penalty. 

The revolutionary nano-ceramic particle formulation in XPEL PRIME XR blocks over 99% of the UV rays and more than 88% of heat and infrared radiation from the sun—all without the metallic materials that can interfere with radio, cellphone, and Bluetooth use inside your car.

Prime XR Plus

XPEL PRIME XR Plus Window tint makes it simple to keep the finish on your automobile looking as good as the day you got it. Whether you want your car to seem exquisite with transparent and invisible window films, or sweltering hot, it effortlessly helps. In reality, having our window tint fitted on your automobile gives you not only the aesthetic you want but also the privacy you want from the outside world. Choose your product, decide on the degree of protection you desire, and drive with confidence.

The nano-ceramic particle formulation in XPEL PRIME XR PLUS blocks 99% of UV rays and more than 98% of heat and infrared radiation from the sun—all without the metallic elements that can interfere with radio, cellphone, and Bluetooth use inside your car. 

Why Window Tint Installation for your Car

In addition to creating a personalized tinted aesthetic, car window tinting for cars in Florida is the best practice that protects interiors from becoming too hot and blocks dangerous UV rays. It is accomplished via the film which makes your car more durable and simpler to clean. 

Protection against UV Radiation

While driving, direct exposure to the sun might be harmful to your health. UV rays are not entirely blocked by standard automobile window glass. For optimal UV protection, you should get a high-quality automobile window tint. The greatest window tint will block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, keeping your skin safe while driving.

Upholstery Fading Can Be Prevented 

UV rays have the same effect on your skin as they do on other items. For example, furniture that is exposed to sunlight on a daily basis can fade and turn a pale tint after a few years. The same may be said about your car's upholstery. 

A window tint can safeguard your investment if you've just customized your automobile and installed fresh new upholstery. The thin coating placed on your car's windows will prevent UV rays from degrading your upholstery, ensuring that your vehicle looks brand new at all times!

Protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays

During hot summer days, the sun not only emits UV rays, but also a significant amount of heat, which can ultimately build up inside your automobile. You may be relieved to learn that several types of vehicle window tinting reduce solar heat from accumulating inside your vehicle. In hot weather, tinted windows work as insulators, keeping your car cool. As A Result, you'll feel a lot better when you get into your car, and you won't have to spend nearly as much on gas.

Children will be safer

Tinted car windows help keep children safer in the car. For example, if you have a baby car seat in the backseat, the windows should be tinted to protect them from UV rays and glare that might impair their vision while traveling.

Enhanced security and privacy

Different forms of vehicle window tinting installation in Florida will improve your security and privacy, as well as the security and privacy of other automobile occupants. If you chance to leave valuables in your car, you'll have peace of mind that no one will be enticed to break in. Tinting your automobile windows improves the security of your vehicle. 

Car window tinting will provide you with some level of security if you visit locations prone to auto theft. You may park your automobile without fear of a nasty passerby looking into your vehicle for valuables. One never knows if there are any passengers in the vehicle!

Long-lasting investment begins here

AP3 provides consultative car window tint services to ensure you get exactly what you want on your vehicle - whether it's a film or paint protection agent or something else entirely. Installing automobile windshields and window tints can be tedious without an experienced professional like us.